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Amateur radio is the original social networking platform, and it is available even when Internet or mobile phone service isn't. There are many aspects to ham radio, including emergency communications, electronics, computers, contesting, or just socializing with other people across the world or across town. Getting started is easy, and it begins with getting your Technician class license.


The ARRL, American Radio Relay League, is the national association for hams in America. They online question pools, books, and classes that can help you learn more about ham radio.

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Apps & Software

DX Zone has a directory of ham radio apps and software, and it is a good starting point for finding something that will work on your phone or computer.

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Dave Casler, KE0OG, has excellent YouTube videos covering all of the information you will need to get your license. A great pairing to exam prep.

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Bill at Bentronics is your local electronics and radio store. He has everything you need to get started including books on getting your license and electronics, radios, antennas, and pretty much anything else you need to get on the air.

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